RKD Bulletin 2021-1

By way of the RKD Bulletin, the RKD – Netherlands Institute for Art History informs its Friends and others who are interested about the current research conducted by RKD-staff and external researchers. The first edition of 2021 has now been made available online on

The articles in this second online edition offer a wide range of topics. Angela Jager researched a number of sixteenth- and seventeenth century paintings from the Low Countries, which are part of a private Danish collection. There she discovered a complete reproduction series, painted after the presently incomplete series De vijf zintuigen ('The five senses') by Karel Mander III (1609-1670). With the help of these reproductions, Angela de Jager was able to gain an impression of the series in its entirety for the first time.

Victor M. Schmidt describes the visit Willem Witsen paid Venice in 1914. The artist made sketches at lesser known locations in the city. In 1918 he created a series of etchings with these Venetian designs. Not remembering the exact locations, many etchings bear incorrect topographical titles.

Between 1966 and 1971, printer Cees Kuijlman collected approximately 1500 prints with predominantly twentieth-century Dutch graphic art. Many of these can currently be found in the collection of Kunstmuseum Den Haag. In two articles Jan Piet Filedt Kok describes how collector Cees Kuijlman’s collection came into being and was eventually sold to the museum.

In the final article, Maryan Ainsworth, former curator of paintings of the Northern Renaissance at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, is interviewed by Sytske Weidema on the occasion of her retirement and the donation of her extensive research archives to the RKD.


1. RKD Bulletin 2021-1
2. Co Westerik, Man with dog in room, 1966, Kunstmuseum Den Haag

A stimulating home

The RKD Bulletin is not only a platform for advanced researchers but also a testing ground for young art historians. The renewed digital environment serves as a platform for young, up-and coming researchers, for whom it has become increasingly difficult to get their (first) articles published. With RKD Bulletin, the RKD hopes to offer them a stimulating home. The RKD Bulletin appears twice a year thanks to an annual grant from the Friends of the RKD. The Friends have been involved with the bulletin since 1993 and have also been instrumental in the creation of the new digital environment.