RKD Bulletin 2021-2

The second RKD Bulletin of 2021 has now been published at The RKD uses this publication to inform its Friends, and anyone else who is interested, about recent research by RKD staff as well as scholars from outside.

Contributions from the RKD

The majority of articles in this issue have been written by RKD staff. When looking through the RKD’s picture documentation, Gwendolyn Herrema found two black-and-white photographs of Jan van Goyen’s View of the Valkhof being carried to a transporter’s van. She expands on this to tell the story of a memorable restoration of the painting carried out in 1934.

Marieke de Natris has written an article about her search for the maker of a small and curious photograph of King William III (1817-1890), standing with a cigar in his mouth and clutching his hat. The photograph comes from one of the photo albums of the Groeninx van Zoelen family, which were gifted to the RKD earlier this year.

In an interview by Sytske Weidema the RKD bids farewell to Michiel Franken, much valued senior curator and Rembrandt expert, who recently retired from the RKD. Franken describes his fascination for the history of conservation and technical research, as well as elaborating on the significance of the RKD’s visual documentation collection.


1. Anonymous, Transport of Jan van Goyen's 'View of the Valkhof' at Nijmegen, for restoration, 8 June 1934, collection RKD
2. Angelika Platen, Hanne Darboven, 1968
3. Anonymous, Portrait of King William III (1817-1890), collection RKD, album Groeninx van Zoelen VI

Additional articles

The German artist Hanne Darboven took the opportunity to make an artist’s book on the subject of a century for the exhibition Sonsbeek 71. It was published by the Octopus Foundation. Only a few copies of the book are known, one of them being the example at the RKD, while Octopus has sunk into oblivion. Hans Ebbink has written an article reconstructing the creation of Darboven’s book Ein Jahrhundert 00-99/2K-61K/No 1 – No 42.

The history of the BKR (Beeldende Kunstenaars Regeling) is given by Fransje Kuyvenhoven. This artists’ subsidy scheme, which was unique to the Netherlands, seems to have been a valuable source of support in the artistic climate prevailing in the period 1949-1987. At the close of the BKR scheme, the Netherlands had gained about half a million works of art in public ownership, but furthermore, more than half of Dutch city councils had been able to provide a good level of social security for their artists.

Friends of the RKD

The RKD Bulletin appears twice a year thanks to an annual contribution from the Friends of the RKD. The publication is not just a platform for experienced researchers and RKD staff members, but it also provides a forum for research by younger art historians. The RKD hopes that the Bulletin will also appeal to newcomers as a stimulating noticeboard for ideas. Suggestions for articles can be addressed to the editors using this email address: