Anna Rademakers new Head of Collections RKD

The RKD – Netherlands Institute for Art History is pleased to announce that Anna Rademakers will join the organisation from 1 September 2023. As our new Head of Collections and a member of the management team, Anna will, together with colleagues, take care of our collection with the aim of positioning the RKD as a leading institute in the field of knowledge and information on the visual arts of the Netherlands in an international context.

Anna studied Dutch, Modern History and Art History. In 2020 she obtained her PhD at the University of Groningen on Hometown, Homeland: National Identity and Local Pride in the Painter’s World of the United Kingdom of the Netherlands (1815-1839), a study on the emergence of a fragile 'national awareness' in the art world after the temporary reunification of the Northern and Southern Netherlands. Since 2007, Anna has held various positions and roles at the KB | National Library, most recently as a cultural history collection specialist and editor-in-chief of het Geheugen van Nederland. Until recently she was also chairman of OKBN * ARLIS/NL, the Dutch Association of Art Libraries.

Dr. Anna Rademakers: 'The RKD is the Netherlands House of Art History. The unique analogue and digital collections are at the heart of the institution. From professional to enthusiast, the RKD should be the starting point for art historical research and in-depth exploration. I look forward to contributing to the realisation of this ambition together with my colleagues.'

Prof. Dr. Chris Stolwijk, General Director RKD: 'With Anna, we welcome an inspiring new Head of Collections. I am confident that Anna, together with colleagues, will make an important contribution to the further establishment of our welcoming Netherlands House of Art History.'


Anna Rademakers, new Head of Collections RKD, photo: KB Beeldstudio | Jos Uljee