RKD develops a unique research facility RKD Research

The RKD – Netherlands Institute for Art History will be developing RKD Research in 2017-2019 thanks to the Future Fund Credit for Research Facilities from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RvO). This unique, art-historical research facility offers a digital research environment for museums, knowledge institutions, and professionals for the purpose of fostering art-historical research. RKD Research facilitates the collecting, comparing, enriching, researching, visualising, sharing, and valorising of research results 24/7.

Millions of people annually enjoy our art treasures. Art history has enjoyed a rich tradition in the Netherlands and occupies a leading position internationally. The field is in full motion. With support from the Future Fund Credit for Research Facilities the RKD can develop an art-historical research environment. RKD Research promotes a broadened access to art of the Netherlands in an international context and stimulates art historical-research worldwide via an improved digital infrastructure.

The Future Fund makes it possible to give new meaning to the largest collection of images of the visual arts in the Netherlands – over 5.6 million reproductions – in an international context. The process of digitizing this visual documentation will begin in 2017 in order to make it available mid-2019 via As a support and connecting (hub) platform RKD Research offers digital research tools and research services, presentation tools, and publication facilities.

Since 2016 the RvO, as part of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, has granted subsidies from the Future Fund Research Facilities (TOF). This year requests were submitted for the second time, and the RKD's subsidy was granted. The Future Fund invests in high-quality research facilities that are crucial for the development of innovative products and services and can contribute to an appealing business climate for researchers and innovative businesses in the Netherlands.

Prof. Dr Chris Stolwijk, General Director of the RKD: "We are extremely grateful to the RvO's Awards Committee for recognising the importance of a high-quality, art-historical research facility. Together with its partners, the RKD has been making knowledge of the art of the Netherlands available internationally to museums, science, and the (professional) public since 1932. RKD Research fosters collaboration, sharing of knowledge, and new art-historical research on an – until now – unprecedented level. RKD Research is fully in the service of art and art history, now and in the future."