RKD staff make a contribution to the exhibition Pieter Pourbus and the Forgotten Masters

From 13 October 2017 to 21 January 2018 the Groeninge Museum in Bruges is staging the exhibition Pieter Pourbus and the Forgotten Masters. Margreet Wolters, Curator of Technical Documentation at the RKD, has made a contribution to this fascinating exhibition. Margreet was a member of the scientific committee and has written an essay for the catalogue, together with curator Anne van Oosterwijk, on the significance of underdrawing as a source of information for the paintings of Pieter Pourbus and the Claeissens family. The catalogue also presents her analyses of the underdrawings of a large number of the works in the exhibition.

To coincide with this exhibition a study day will take place on Monday 11 December. Further information, including details of the programme, can be found here.