Mapping Artists

In 2017 the RKD – Netherlands Institute for Art History added a new feature to the RKDexplore database, called Mapping Artists. Over the last decades the RKD databases have been enriched with geographical information. You can now bring up a map that visualises where artists were born, lived and died. This is a significant step towards making information of this kind more available and accessible.

Through RKDexplore you can thus see at a glance all the addresses at which Dutch artists who went to Paris between 1789 and 1914 lived or had their studios. Thanks to this innovative digital visualisation using a map of Paris, all of the information can be presented together.

To open Mapping Artists click on the symbol ‘Map View’ in the toolbar at the top right of the search results window in RKDartists. You will then be able to zoom in on the map. The blue tags offer more information about the locations. For example, you can choose your own route through Paris passing the former studios and living quarters of nineteenth-century Dutch artists.

Soon, we will also launch RKDmaps: an advanced research tool that can link historic maps to search results from the RKD databases (data sets) so that researchers can compare and analyse their findings. So, when you bring up the locations of nineteenth-century artists you can combine these with the addresses of Paris art dealers in the same period, revealing their geographical relationship.