RKD exhibition: Travelling Artists 1900-2000

A journey through the RKD collection

The exhibition Travelling Artists 1900-2000. A journey through the RKD collection will be displayed at the RKD in The Hague until 1 November.

Artists have always traveled the world though it wasn’t until the rise of train travel and passenger ships that faraway lands became ever more accessible. And with the rising knowledge of the world came a diminished need for artists to render scenes purely for their chronicle value.

Artists started to find inspiration in the unknown. Exotic locations brought out emotions or uncovered new creative possibilities. And all this freedom also meant: holiday fun. From the second half of the 20th century various artists began to regard the travel experience as part of their art work – sometimes the journey was the work.

The exhibition Travelling Artists 1900-2000. A Journey Through the RKD Collection contains, amongst others, an experimental Dadaist poem by Theo van Doesburg, photos and illustrated letters by Marius Bauer and a holiday photo of Piet Mondrian at a bull fighting arena in Bilbao. This selection of unique photographs, postcards and travel journals from the RKD collection is on display free of charge until 1 November in the RKD entrance hall in The Hague.


Prins Willem-Alexanderhof 5
2595 BE The Hague