RKDmaps stimulates new art-historical research

RKDmaps is a new research tool developed by the RKD – Netherlands Institute for Art History, which uses geographical data to create maps that visualize the places where artists lived and worked. With the help of historical maps, artists’ movements can be followed and compared online bringing new leads for art-historical research. The tool is important especially to students and professionals but will equally interest members of the public with a love of art. RKDmaps is available now.

In a changing world, where digital techniques provide new insights, RKDmaps shows you the movements of artists and art objects through time and space. Presenting the information in visual form allows more effective analysis of search results.

RKDmaps shows you, which and how many artists lived in close proximity of each other as well as whether there were art academies, museums or art dealers in the vicinity. The level of prosperity of an area may say something about the status of artists who lived there. And the neighbourhood in which an artist lived may have influenced their work. The patterns that are thus made visible through RKDmaps can be further explored in combination with the RKD's online databases linking them to original letters, archives and photographs of artists and their works. The RKD moreover houses the largest art-historical library in the Netherlands.

RKDmaps has been developed with support from the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Fonds 21 and NWO.

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