New digital RKD Bulletin is now available online

The RKD – Netherlands Institute for Art History keeps its Friends and other interested parties up to date on research carried out by its employees through the RKD Bulletin. The RKD Bulletin, just like RKD Studies, has been updated and improved and is now available online at

News and developments

The RKD Bulletin is a magazine which has been dedicated to research and discoveries of the RKD since 1993. Each edition contains articles on both well-known though also less familiar sources in the collection, on specific projects and new additions. In the past around 800 paper editions of the RKD Bulletin were printed bi-annually.

The new bulletin has a contemporary design and is accessible online to everyone worldwide, both in Dutch and English. Just like the former printed version, the new RKD Bulletin contains interesting art historical articles, written by internal and external researchers, students and interns, which make worthwhile reading. Themed editions are also compiled, which correspond to ongoing RKD research projects.

First digital edition

The first digital edition of the new RKD Bulletin contains articles in which Irene Meyjes, Ruth Krul and Edward Grasman examine the valuable legacy of Abraham Bredius, Hans Schneider and Frits Lugt. These three influential art historians have made contributions to the RKD with their notes, research and donations, respectively.

The RKD Bulletin is not only a podium for experienced researchers, though is also an experimental ground for young art historians. The new and improved website serves as a platform for new researchers, who are finding it more and more difficult to get their (first) articles published. The RKD hopes that the RKD Bulletin will serve as a stimulus to achieve this.

Friends of the RKD

The RKD Bulletin is published twice a year thanks to an annual subsidy by the Friends of the RKD. The Friends have contributed to the bulletin since 1993 and were also partly responsible for the launch of the new digital environment. Together with the Friends board members, the RKD hopes that the hard work of the editing team and the authors of the RKD Bulletin new style will capture a much wider audience and offer a boost to the field of art history.

Discover the new RKD Bulletin website at

On the left the 'old' RKD Bulletin in physical form, on the right the new, digital RKD Bulletin