In Oud Holland: Asian export art with a Dutch finishing touch

The latest issue of Oud Holland presents four seventeenth- and eighteenth-century topics. Ebeltje Hartkamp-Jonxis discusses a little-known eighteenth-century example of personalized Asian export art: Indian chintzes with Dutch coats of arms. She also analyzes their striking transcultural decoration in the context of other Asian luxury products. 

Leen Kelchtermans and Katharina Van Cauteren found new archival documents that expose Jacques Jordaens’ strong bond with The Hague and Voorburg. They also reveal new insights about the oeuvre of the Antwerp born artist, and identify the sitters of Jordaens’ striking group portrait from ca. 1654 (Hermitage).

Legal historians Dave De ruysscher and Cornelis M. in 't Veld re-examine Rembrandt's insolvency. Unlike previous research, they argue that the legal dealings of the artist did not go beyond the norms for his day. In fact, he was well aware of the rules and laws.

Eric Bielen reveals new biographical information about Hendrick De Somer, who was born in Lokeren but moved to Naples for his artistic career. In the context of these archival finds, a rediscovered painting by De Somer is brought to the fore. For all summaries and a link to one of the articles, go to


1. Cover Oud Holland 2021-1, volume 134
2. India, Palampore with the coat of arms of Steengracht, ca. 1750, Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum

Oud Holland – Journal for Art of the Low Countries, volume 134, no. 1:

Erik Bielen
Contribution to the biography of Hendrick De Somer (1602-after 1655): A seventeenth-century Neapolitan painter from Lokeren

Dave De ruysscher & Cornelis M. in 't Veld
Rembrandt's insolvency: The artist as legal actor

Leen Kelchtermans & Katharina Van Cauteren
Jacques Jordaens as family man: New information about the painter and his family in The Hague

Ebeltje Hartkamp-Jonxis
Indian chintzes with Dutch coats of arms (1725-1750)

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