Frequently Asked Questions

Placing an order for photos

  • How can I order a (digital) image of an art work or archive from the RKD?
    • To order (digital) copies of images from our collections see our online service. Log in to the website and go to the webshop: Products and services. In the menu on the left-hand side you wil see the category scans/photos. More information and user instructions can be found at each product concerned.

      There are three ways to order scans/photos from our website:

      • The ‘download’ button underneath the image offers you the possibility to download a free low resolution image with a watermark.

      • The ‘order’ button offers you the possibility to download the image directly for 5 euros. This image has a high resolution and of course no watermark.

      • By clicking on the button ‘order scan’ underneath an image you can order the image for € 28.00 from the RKD by filling in the accompanying form. The RKD does not yet have a high resolution of the image concerned but in most cases can provide one on request.

  • How can I pay for my order?
    • If you order through our website then the payment is made online.
  • How long will it take for a (digital) photograph to be delivered?
    • The normal timeline for the delivery of a (digital) image is within 4 weeks (price € 28.00). Speedy deliveries are subject to different prices: within ten days € 45.00, within three days (max. 5x) € 70.00.
  • Will I receive a bill from the RKD?
    • You will receive a confirmation of your payment by mail. You will receive a bill by e-mail for orders not placed on the webshop.
  • Where can I make enquiries regarding my order?
    • If you have any enquiries regarding the status of you order then contact one of our study room staff.
      T: +31 70 3339731
  • When should I set up an RKD account?
    • Setting up an RKD account is simple. After you have filled in the necessary details you can log in and make use of a number of our services. An account is needed to make use of the webshop. No account is needed to consult the website or to reserve books (in the study room).
  • What are the conditions concerning publishing photographs ordered from the RKD?
    • The RKD can deliver most art work images, however some are subject to restrictions. These may be due to phototechnical or legal reasons. The RKD normally does not supply photographs of art works from museum collections. These can be ordered at the museum concerned. The publication of photographs from the Portrait Iconography Collection are also subject to certain conditions. When using these in a publication, please always state the correct credit line: Photograph RKD- Netherlands Institute for Art History, The Hague.

Evaluations of art works

  • How can I arrange an evaluation by the RKD?
    • You can arrange an evaluation of arts works through our webshop. The processing and payment of your request are carried out digitally. You will receive an estimate by one of our specialists before the examination is actually carried out. The results of the examination are sent by e-mail. An on location evaluation is also available under certain conditions. The RKD holds a number of free evaluation consultations throughout the year where our specialists provide information on the manufacturer, the period, technique, etc. of the art work. It must be noted that the RKD does not offer estimates on the financial value of art works.
  • How much does an evaluation cost?
    • The price of evaluations are based on the amount of time estimated to carry out the examination. The evaluation of art works (stylistic, iconographic or topographic) by a specialist are subject to an initial fee of € 50.00 (excl. VAT) per evaluation. Evaluations that require more time are subject to an extra fee of € 50.00 (excl. VAT) per half hour. There is no examination fee for the evaluation of art works during the free evaluation consultations.
  • What is the difference between an evaluation and a specialist examination?
    • If you have a complex art historical query, or would like to have an art work examined intensively by one of our specialists, then you can request a specialist examination through our webshop. We will examine your request in detail after which you will receive an estimate of the required time to carry out the examination and the accompanying fees.
  • How can I set up an examination subscription?
    • Setting up an examination subscription offers you the possibility to request several evaluations of art works for a reduced fee. To find out all the possibilities contact Anne-Marie van der Torren at

Visiting the RKD

  • What can I find the RKD collections?
    • The RKD collections comprise: Image documentation, Technical Documentation, Artists Documentation, Archives and Library. Large sections of these collections can be consulted online via Explore, but the majority can be consulted on location at the RKD. Alongside our documentation (photographs, reproductions, small printed matter) we also offer more source material, such as microfiches, cd-roms and special websites.
  • What are the rules of the study and reading rooms?
    • When you visit the RKD for the first time you will receive an entry pass and further information from the reception. Jackets, bags and food and drink are not allowed in the RKD. You can make use of the lockers situated in the basement of the KB complex. There are baskets available for you to transport your possessions. The RKD study rooms have enforced a silence code: if you wish to make a phone call or have a (long) conversation you can make use of our café or go outside the RKD building.
  • Is it possible to make photocopies or photographs of the RKD collections?
    • It is permitted to take photographs (without flash) of most of our documentation and literature. You can also make photocopies. However, it is not permitted to make reproductions of our Archivalia and Portrait Iconography collections without prior consent. Our study room staff are available for further information.
  • Do I need a prior appointment to visit the RKD?
    • You can visit the RKD without a prior appointment during the opening hours. Certain sections of our collections are only available for consultation with a prior appointment: Archivalia (‘special collections’), originals from the Portrait Iconography, slides or ektas, Technical Documentation, and photographs from the Frieländer archive.