Frédérique van Steekelenburg-van der Stelt, MA

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Communications and Development
Frédérique van Steekelenburg-van der Stelt, MA
Head of Communications and Development

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Adriaen van Salm

Winter landscape with skaters near a village
Sotheby's (New York City) 2005-01-28, nr. 239A

Curriculum vitae and duties

Frédérique’s interest in (art) history led to her studying art history and museology. Along the way she realised that her strength lay in translating intrinsic knowledge into lay-person information for the general public and thus chose to switch to Communication Studies. She is currently studying for an MBA in Culture, Heritage and Citizenship to deepen her knowledge of the theory of management. Frédérique is a board member of ICOM Nederland.

The department of Communication and Development is responsible for the first-line communication with the RKD visitors. The team occupies itself with the internal and external communication, the news letter, marketing, public relations, fund-raising, sponsoring, media, (digital) publications such as Oud Holland and the RKD Bulletin, monitoring the house style and the RKD Friends Society. They also provide the staff for the reception and the study room.