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Irene Meyjes, MA
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Charles Eyck and Begeer & Vos, N.V., Koninklijke Nederlandsche Edelmetaal Bedrijven Van Kempen

Candelabra, 1937
Schoonhoven, , inv./ 13591.01=02; 01 = [..]

Curriculum vitae and duties

 Irene graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in 1995  with a degree in fashion design. In 2005 she gained her PhD in Art History of the Early Modern Period at the University of Amsterdam. During her study she gained work experience at the Pulchri Studio, the Caldic Collection, The Hague Sculpture Foundation and Museum Beelden aan Zee. Irene has worked since 2005 for the RKD-Netherlands Institute for Art History as project staff member for the Department of Library & Archives. Since 2009 she has focused on the core collection of nine archives of silver makers and silversmiths: Van Kempen & Begeer, De Van Kempen Foundation, Christa Ehrlich, Bonebakker, Helweg, Frans Zwollo senior and junior, Paul Zwollo and An Zwollo. During the first phase of the activities an inventory was made of these archives, they were documented in the Archives database, conserved and (partly) restored and digitalised. The second phase was carried out in collaboration with the Dutch Silver Museum and encompassed a selection of ‘Top 100’ objects from the museum’s fixed collection being entered in the Images and Artists databases. There is not only a link to the corresponding archive records in Archives, the silver archives can also be searched on a deeper level by using object-related and thematic keywords. In 2018 a digital publication will be made available in Studies which can also be used for study purposes by the Dutch Silver Museum Schoonhoven. Irene is also involved in fund-raising, acquisition, customer service, and she regularly presents readings on the silver archives.

Publications (selection)

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