Ramses van Bragt, MA

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Ramses van Bragt, MA
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Jan Mostaert

The conquest of America, ca. 1535
Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum

Curriculum vitae and duties

Ramses Bragt studied art history (University of Amsterdam, 2001), with a transitional year archival science (University of Amsterdam, 2011), PRINCE2 Foundation (ICM, 2013). He worked for the Army Museum (Legeermuseum) in Delft and the City Archives Rotterdam. He has worked as an archivist for the RKD-Netherlands Institute for Art History since 2007. Bragt led the conservation and digitalisation projects Jan Toorop and Jan Mankes (Metamorfoze). He also assisted in the inventory project ‘Central Register of Design Archives’ ( Inhaalslag Vormgevingsarchieven), which was a collaboration between the RKD and Het Nieuwe Instituut and was made possible by the Mondrian Fund, and in the inventory of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy archives.

Bragt has a particular affinity with archives and artists from the post-war reconstruction period, art trade archives and artists around 1900, and has great experience in the digitalisation of archives. In 2013-2014 he was active in the working group of the Association of Rijksmusea (Vereniging Rijksmusea, VRM) which commented on the Selection List Rijksuseums institutes (Selectielijst Rijksmuseale Instellingen) (1946-1995) (Staatscourant 21516, 30 July 2014). Ramses Bragt published in the annual boek 2014 of Historian’s Association Die Haghe (Geschiedkundige.Vereniging Die Haghe) on the history of the Sportlaan flats in The Hague, built to a design by Piet Zanstra and on art works by Jan Goeting. He also writes regularly for Archievenblad and Origine to name but two. Ramses sees the challenge for today’s archivists as being effective design of record management and digital archiving. To be able to meet this challenge he followed the training Digital Private Archive (Archief2020) and a five-day training at The New Institute, Digital Sustainability (Netwerk Digitaal Erfgoed).

Publications (selection)

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