Claire van den Donk, MA

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Claire van den Donk, MA
Curator Portrait Iconography

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Karel Dujardin

Self-portrait of Karel Dujardin (1626-1678), 1662 gedateerd
Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum, inv./ SK-A-190

Curriculum Vitae and duties

Claire completed her MA in Art and Architectural History at the University of Groningen in 1999, specialising in Early Netherlandish art (1400–1550). Her dissertation focused on the background landscapes of the Bruges painter Adriaen Isenbrant. As an intern at the Municipal Museums in Bruges (Belgium), she helped prepare the international exhibition Bruges and the Renaissance: Memling to Pourbus. Since 2000 Claire has held posts as junior specialist in Old Masters at Glerum, Amsterdam; specialist in Old Master Pictures at Christie’s, Amsterdam; and research assistant at the Origins Unknown Agency (Bureau Herkomst Gezocht) in The Hague, which is supervised by the Ekkart Committee appointed by the government. Since 2008, Claire has been curator of portrait iconography at the RKD.

Selection of publications

- Craft – Giepmans en A. de Vries, Portret in portret in de Nederlandse kunst 1550 - 2012, Bussum (Thoth), 2012, cat. nr. 42
- “Portret van de oude generaal op Novo Sion. Dirk van Hogendorp in Brazilië”, Gen. Tijdschrift voor Familiegeschiedenis 21 ( 2015), pp. 34-35
- “Pracht achter glas: pastels in de Van de Poll-Wolters-Quina Stichting”, Origine 23 (2015), nr. 3, pp. 40-41 (met Rudi Ekkart)
- Van Bol tot Veth. De portretverzameling van de families Van de Poll, Wolters en Quina, Leiden (Primavera Pers), 2015, 143 pp. (met Rudi Ekkart) 
- “Dutch self-portraits”, The Burlington Magazine 128 (2016), nr. 1355 (februari), pp. 151-153 (met Rudi Ekkart)