Margreet Wolters, Ph.D.

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Margreet Wolters, Ph.D.
Conservator Technische Documentatie

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Curriculum vitae and duties

Margreet Wolters studied art history in Nijmegen. During her study she gained a fascination for what now is called Technical Art History and she studied a minor in Methods and Techniques of material research of art objects by Prof.Dr. J.R.J. van Asperen de Boer (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen). From 1994-1999 she was a student researcher for a research project into the methods of studio practices of Pieter Aertsen and Joachim Beuckelaer and a number of artists in their circle. She received a PhD in 2011 from the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen with a thesis on the function of Joachim Beuckelaer’s signature in his work. Margreet Wolters has worked for the RKD-Netherlands Institute for Art History since 1997, starting as Scientific Project Staff Member Infrared Reflectography and presently as Curator Technical Documentation. Her specialism is carrying out research with infrared reflectography and the analysis of the signature in works by artists from the 15th- to the 17th-century, with a particular interest for the creative formation of paintings. She has researched a large number of paintings using this technology, both independently and on commission. In her role as curator Wolters participated in exhibition and catalogue projects, such as the file catalogue Early Netherlandish Paintings for the Rijksmuseum and the exhibition Vroege Hollanders, Schilderkunst van de late Middeleeuwen (The Early Dutch, Paintings and the Late Middle Ages) in Museum Boijmans van Beuningen.

Publications (selection)

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- 'Der Marien-Altar des Meisters der Virgo inter Virgines im Salzburg Museum', in: P. Husty, P. Laub (red.), Arsa Sacra. Kunstschätze des Mittelalters aus dem Salzburg Museum, Jahresschrift des Salzburg Museum∙Band 53, Salzburg 2010, 19-35 (coll. J. Giltaij)
- 'Met kool en crijt'. De functie van de ondertekening in de schilderijen van Joachim Beuckelaer, dissertation Rijksuniversiteit Groningen 2011
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