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Inge Huskens, MA
Trainee Nineteenth Century Art

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David Oyens

The frame maker Felix Mommen at work, 1878

Curriculum vitae and duties

Inge Huskens (1990) is a Belgian national and art lover who completed a Masters in Art Studies at the Catholic University of Leuven in 2012. The following year she moved to the Netherlands in order to gain experience for her Masters museum curator at the Vrije University Amsterdam. Huskens did an internship at the Van Gogh Museum where she could vent her passion for nineteenth century art. Her greatest contribution was her support for the exhibition “De Aquarel” (the Water Colour), which ran from February till June 2015 in The Mesdag Collection in The Hague. She simultaneously worked on the indexing of the non Van Gogh drawings and writing texts for the general public. Inge Huskens graduated with the dissertation “De omnibus verbeeld: spiegel van de moderniteit (1828-1913)” (lit. the omnibus represented: the mirror of modernity), which was nominated for the FGR masters dissertations prize 2015 of the Vrije University Amsterdam. Since November 2015 she has chanelled her enthousiasm into working for the Fine Arts 1700-1900 team at the RKD which is a natural stepping stone in her career. By cooperating on the management, formation and the scientific indexation of the collections she contributes to the mission of the RKD: providing knowledge and information on art for educational purposes and the general public. She also writes exhibition reviews now and again for art magazines such as De Witte Raaf.

Publications (selection)

 - Review of the exhibition: 'Leo Gestel: de mooiste modernist' in De Witte Raaf, vol. 29 nr. 175 (May-June 2015).
- ‘Hendrik Willem Mesdag: kunstenaar, verzamelaar en ondernemer’ in Teylers Magazijn, nr. 124 (Spring 2015).
- 'Historical Case: "Portrait of One-eyed Man" by Vincent Van Gogh' in B-ENT, vol. 10 nr.4 (December 2014). (coll. Dr. Meulemans Jeroen and Dr. Piessens Peter)