Anita Hopmans, MA

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Anita Hopmans, MA
Programme Manager

Curriculum vitae and duties

Anita Hopmans studied art history at the University of Utrecht with a major in Iconology and Art Theory. Thereafter she worked as an art history lecturer, researcher at the Dutch Organisation for Scientific Studies (Nederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek, NWO) and as research employee and guest curator at the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam.

She has worked since 2014 as Head of the Department of Collections & Research at the RKD – Netherlands Institute for Art History. Hopmans has published on various nineteenth and twentieth-century subjects, such as the iconography of the paintings of Eugène Delacroix in the Bourbon Palace in Paris, studio practices, restitution research, and the set up of the collection of the Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum. As editor-in-chief of the RKD Source series she was responsible for the publication of letters by Bram van Velde and Jan Mankes.

As guest curator she was responsible for research and for various (inter)national exhibitions, including Jan Sluijters 1881-1957. Water Colours and Drawings, Noordbrabants Museum, ’s Hertogenbosch (1991), The Unkown Van Dongen. Early and fauvistic drawings 1895-1912 / Van Dongen recoveries. The ouevre on paper (1996-1997), and The large eyes of Kees van Dongen / Van Dongen, Fauvistic, anarchist and sophisticated (2010-2011).

Publications (selection)

  • 'Delacroix's decorations in the Palais Bourbon library: a classic example of an unacademic approach', in: Simiolus 17 (1987), pp. 240-269
  • 'De systematische opbouw van een verzameling hedendaagse kunst in de jaren zestig: Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen', in: Jong Holland, 18 (2002), nr. 2, pp. 30-39
  • Verwerving en restitutie: de zaak Toorop. Een studie naar de herkomst van twee kunstwerken / Acquisition and Restitution: the Toorop Case. A study into the provenance of two art works, Boijmans Studies, Rotterdam (Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen) (2008)  
  • 'Les frères Van Velde et leur mécène. Présentation de la correspondance', in: R. M. Mason, S. Ramond (eds.), Bram et Geer van Velde. Deux peintres  Un nom, Lyon (Musée des Beaux-Arts de Lyon), (2010), pp. 192-205
  • 'Fluctuating Fortunes: Kees van Dongen, a Dutch Fauve in the French Arena' / 'Kees van Dongen: ein Holländischer Fauve in der französischen Arena', in:, H. Widauer, C. Grammont, Passions Fauves. Henri Matisse and Fauvism / Matisse und die Fauves, Wenen (Albertina), (September 2013-January 2014), pp. 302-313