Consulting the archive collections

The RKD archive collections are freely accessibly for research purposes, unless otherwise determined during the initial transfer of the archive. You can consult the majority of the archives in the study room. The archives which are part of the Special Collections can only be consulted under the supervision of an archivist. To find out if an archive is part of the Special Collections and if there are any other limitations with regards to the accessibility please see the Collections database. Would you like to consult archives from the Special Collections? Then arrange a prior appointment with the archivist at least a week in advance by sending an e-mail to or call +31 (0)70 3339777. Appointments are preferably on Tuesdays or Thursdays.

Rules for consulting the archives:

  • You can request archives till 16.30 hrs at the study room desk;
  • You can make use of the round table next to the study room desk for consulting the archives;
  • Only pencils are allowed for making notes during the consultation of the archives;
  • You must take the utmost care when handling the archives and are to follow any instructions provided;
  • If you wish to consult more than one archive the study room staff will provide the boxes one at a time;
  • You are kindly requested to keep the material in the original order in which it was found. If you have any queries regarding the categorisation then ask the study room desk staff member.
  • Please let a member of staff know when you are finished consulting the archives and return the archive records to the study room desk;
  • The safety care coordinator will be informed if there is any indication that something is missing from the archive consulted. If this is the case then we may check the video images for evidence.