Making copies from the archives

General information
It is possible to make (digital) photocopies or scans of the archive records. Your request will be reviewed on the following:
- the condition of the archive record
- any limitations regarding the accessibility of the archive
- any condition(s) stated in the donation/loan agreement
- any legal requirements with regards to observance of the law safeguarding individual privacy (Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens, Wbp)

The following applies when making photocopies, scans or photographic prints of the archives:

  • You can submit a request by filling in the Request Form for ordering photocopies/scan of the archives and handing it in to the study room desk. You can use the numbered labels to mark the place of the archive you wish to copy. It is not permitted to remove the archives by yourself. Requests for photocopies, scans or prints will be processed within three weeks. If you wish to use the digital scan or copy for publication then you must also fill in the form Request for RKD permission for publication.
  • Scans of archives from the Archives database can be ordered by clicking on the button ‘Ordering scan(s)’. Your request will be processed within ten working days. The scans cost € 2.50 each.
  • If a scan is already available in the Archives database you can order a copy by sending an e-mail to and stating the application and inventory numbers as well as any other details.

The scans are available in JPEG format (full colour, 300 dpi, actual size). The RKD makes no corrections or colour enhancements to the image.

Using scans
The high resolution scan(s) provided are only meant for private use or for research purposes. They may not be passed on to third parties. To use scans in a publication we refer you to the terms of delivery stated on the RKD website: For requests for use in publications you must submit the form Request for RKD permission for publication. Scans for use in publications are supplied in TIFF form and cost € 28.

Searching in Archives:
You must have prior permission to take photographs (without flash). You can submit a request by filling in the Request Form for Taking Photographs of Archives. After permission has been granted you are given access to take photographs for one day under the supervision of an archivist, unless otherwise stated.

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