Consulting and using the archives

The Press Documentation collection covers all disciplines: from painters, sculptors, graphic designers, photographers and architects, ceramic and glass artists, industrial and fashion designers and multimedia artists. The maps are separated into Dutch and foreign artists and are alphabetically sorted by name. To find out if an artist is listed under ‘the Netherlands’ or ‘Foreign’, check the description in Artists: PDO/Dutch artists or PDO/Foreign artists.

The Press Documentation collection is not only categorised by artist, but also on varying subjects relating to the documentation. The Artists database provides basic information including working location on a large number of art collectors, art historians and art critics from the substantial Persons and Collections section (see the working location Description PDO/Persons and Collections for the reference to this collection). Where possible, Dutch and foreign architecture till 2005 has been documented. For more in-depth documentation on Dutch architecture we refer you to the Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam.

Physical Collection Press Documentation
All visitors have permission to remove documentation from the archive cabinets containing this collection, however they must be put back by a member of staff.

  • You are requested to keep the documentation in the chronological order in which they are stored. The labels on the tables can be used to mark your place between the articles, for example if you wish to have photocopies made;
  • You are requested to place the boxes and/or maps on the high table at the back of the room when you have finished with them;
  • Material from the Press Documentation collection may only be copied by a member of staff from the Press Documentation Department. You can pay for the copies at the desk. They cost 25 cents per copy;
  • If you have any questions please consult the Press Documentation study room staff member.

If you wish to make more than 15 photocopies then you must place an order. If it takes more than a half hour to make your ordered copies then we charge € 49.00 per hour (incl. VAT) for the remaining time. Delivery rates and any bank charges incurred are also added to the bill.

Klawa Koppenol, M.A.