Dutch and Flemish Drawings and Prints

More than 350,000 photographs, reproductions and prints by Dutch and Flemish artists from the period 1400 to 1800 form the collection of Dutch and Flemish Drawings and Prints.

The emphasis lies on artists such as Rembrandt and his 'school', Peter Paul Rubens, Jan van Goyen (with a separate section for the inheritance of Hans-Ulrich Beck (1930-2010) and Willem van de Velde I and II (inherited from Michael S. Robinson, 1910-1999). Many prints can also be found in the collection. The reproduction graphics also form an important source for research purposes. Another important section of the collection is the selection of stained glass images (most of which are from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries) and engraved drinking glasses, which are of significance due to their link with drawings and prints from this era. The collection is categorised by century, subject and finally artist/manufacturer.


Around 30,000 photographs and reproductions illustrate four centuries of tapestry manufacturing in the Netherlands and other European countries (period fourteenth up to and including the nineteenth century). The material originates from museums, private collections and from the art trade. The largest section is that of the documentation of the Belgian art historian Erik Duverger (1932-2004), who was a specialist in the field of the South Netherlandish tapestry. This collection also contains (sections of) the inheritance of his father Jozef Duverger, and that of the Munich art dealer Bernheimer. The material is primarily categorised by manufacturer. The tapestries by known designers are categorised by period, region, town and (if known) weaving mill.

Dutch and Flemish Sculptures

The Dutch and Flemish Sculptures images collection comprises around 12,000 photographs and reproductions of sculptures, altarpieces and sculpted sections of buildings by North and South Netherlandish artists from the period 1100 to 1800. The collection contains interesting late nineteenth-century photographs from the University of Utrecht Library. These were partly annotated by the first Dutch professor of art history Willem Vogelsang (1875-1954) and are part of the inheritance of the sculpture specialist Desiré Bouvy (1915-1993). The material is primarily categorised by sculptor. The images by unknown sculptors are categorised by period, region and town.