Historical topography

The Historical Topography Images collection comprises more than 100,000 photographs and reproductions of Dutch topographic iconography. Images of paintings, drawings and prints are stored in the collection, as are a collection of photographs and picture postcards of buildings and towns, together with maps and plans, atlases and cuttings from magazines and newspapers. The material is categorised alphabetically by town/city. There are separate collections with images of castles, churches, windmills and historical interiors. The collection also contains a sub-library of around 18,000 books and magazines which has a more general set-up than the images collection and also contains literature on other European countries.

The collection, initially composed to support art historical research, has grown to such proportions that it is regularly consulted for research into the depicted locations. The material, which is categorised in the study room by topographic codes, is regularly consulted by researchers and those interested in what a town, village, castle, church, windmill or interior looked like in the past. A part of the collection is now available in the online database Images.

For more information see The Topographical Historical Atlas Association (Vereniging de Topografisch-Historische Atlas, VTHA) or Historical Topography: website of Bert Kolkman (1924-2014) (Historische Topografie: website van Bert Kolkman (1924-2014)). See the image databases for Dutch municipal topography and provincial topographical atlases listed in the collection databases.