Abraham Toorenvliet (I)

glass painter, draftsperson
North Netherlandish
Molenwaard (hist. municipality) 1600/1617
married in 1635, must have been born before 1617 in Vuylendam, part of the present municipality Molenwaard (DTB archive Leiden, archive no. 1004, 11, L-100)
Leiden (city) 1692-07
buried in the Hooglandse kerk in Leiden
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son of Jacob Torenvliet I from Vuilendam. Married 1) in Leiden on 28 June 1635 to Maria Willemsdr. van der Hulle, 2) in Leiden on 22 March 1650 to Geertruyt Dircksdr. de Somer and 3) in Leiden on 15 August 1657 to Anneken de Smet (1618-1679); father of Jacob Toorenvliet II and grandfather of Abraham Toorenvliet II
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  • Leiden (stad) 1634 - 1692
    registered as apprentice in the Leiden guild of glaziers in 1634; enrolled as a master glasspainter in the glaziers guild in March 1636; with the foundation of the Leiden guild of St Luke, Toorenvliet registered there on 4 Februry 1649 and later on served as dean of the guild (Obreen 1877-1890; Naumann 1981); at the time of his marriage on 28 June 1635, he lived at the Pieterskerkhof in Leiden; in 1650 and 1657, at the time of his second and third marriage, he is recorded at the Sonneveltsteech (DTB archive Leiden, archive no. 1004, 11, L-100, 14, O-144v; 16, Q-061). Live at the House at the Langebrug (Karau 2002, vol. 1, p. 261)
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