Joris Bossaert

painter, lacquerer
North Netherlandish
Middelburg (Zeeland)
from Zeeland (Hoogewerff 1952)
Family relationships
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married 1) to Kerobine Lucine/Cherubina Lucina in Rome on 20 June 1626 (she turned out to be an adulterous woman, notorious as a prostitute in Rome. Bossaert put her under house-arrest for this reason) (Dudok van Heel/Giskes 1984) and 2) to Elisabeth van Brandenburgh (died 1633) in Utrecht on 23 June 1633
Biographical information
Active in
  • Parijs 1617
    became apprentice of painter Jacques Baudemont, who he, in his turn would teach lacquering ('Montrer et enseigner bien et dûment comme il appartient, et jusque à perfection se faire et ouvrager le vernis de la Chine et tout ce qui en dépend'). At the time he lived in the rue saint-Honoré ( Levert 2017A).
  • Rome 1623 - 1626
    co-founder of the Bentvueghels in 1623; lived in Via del Babuino in 1625, together with Bartholomeus Breenbergh and Willem Molijn; married the following year to Cherubina Lucina (Hoogewerff 1952)
  • Dordrecht 1626-11-06
    on 6 November 1626 a certain Joris Bossert became a member of the Dordrecht guild. Possibly identical with Joris Bossaert? (Thieme/Becker 1910)
  • Middelburg (Zeeland) 1633
    Dudok van Heel/Giskes 1984
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active in
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probably the same as the draftsman of the portrait of Francesco de Mello (Hoogewerff 1952, p. 51)
oil paint
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