Jacob Duyvelant

North Netherlandish
The Hague 1662
in or after 1662 (made his last known will on December 28, 1662).
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son of Jacques Adriaensen van Duyvelant and Magaretha van Soënk
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  • Rome 1626 - 1637
    according to Hoogewerff 1952 from 1628 to at least 1637 in Rome, active as a member of the Bentvogels and friends with Jan (Johan Harmensz.) Borsman and Pieter van Laer. Possibly known here as Jacomo Dualant. But according to Hoogewerff 1952, p. 82 he is mentioned as one of the beneficiaries in a will dated Rome, June 10, 1626. In November 1636 he is still mentioned in Rome (Hoogewerff 1952, p. 91-92)
  • Den Haag 1650 - 1670
    made his will in 1650, 1659 and December 28, 1662; in 1656 co-founded the Confrerie Pictura in The Hague (Saur 2002) mentioned from 1650 to around 1670 (Thieme/Becker 1914), possibly already deceased in 1662 (Saur 2002).
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oil paint
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