Carl Hofverberg

male / Swedish
painter, military personnel
in 1718 captain in the army in the war against Norway; in 1753 he was head of the military quarters in Aakeräng, Sunne
Ragunda 1695-04-18
Berg (Sweden) 1765-03-12
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father of Erik Hofwerberg
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Period of activity
1720 - 1764
In this period Hofverberg mostly painted religious work, but also trompe l'oeil paintings and portraits, mostly in Jämtland, Gästrikland and southern Nörrland
Active in
  • Uppsala 1713 - 1718
    Hofverberg studied at Uppsala University 1713 - ca. 1718
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portrait, trompe-l'oeil (still life), religious scene
From 1720-1764 the painter executes many altar pieces and other religious work for churches.
oil paint
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