Heinrich Wilhelm Wollrabe

male / Dutch
photographer, purveyor to the Royal Household, musician
getalenteerd pianist; received permission to use the title ‘purveyor to King Willem III’ and his coat of arms on 21-4-1873 (Royal House Archives, EIb-IVa-5, p. 30 nr 130), received permission to use the title ‘purveyor to Queen Emma’ and her coat of arms on 2-8-1879 (Royal House Archives, A47-X-338, p. 5, 14, 24) and ‘purveyor to Prince Alexander’ and his coat of arms on 28-7-1880 (Royal House Archives, A49b-XVI-40, nr. 41)
Hamburg 1843-12-01
The Hague 1928-03-27
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zoon van Carll Philipp Wollrabe
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Period of activity
1870 - 1910
Active in
  • Den Haag 1870 - 1910
    ca. 1870 tot ca. 1910; had fotostudio in Den Haag, in 1875 aan de Amsterdamse Veerkade 39 (1871-1876) en vanaf 1877 aan het Noordeinde nr. 96 (blijkt uit gedateerde foto's uit de collectie Iconografisch Bureau, RKD) en zijn tevens de adressen die Wachlin 2011 vermeldt.
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portrait photography
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