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Kunsthandel Borzo in Den Bosch is one of the largest Dutch galleries of the 20th century. Under Paul van Rosmalen Borzo developed into a gallery for modern and contemporary art. Since 2005 Borzo is based in Amsterdam (Collection of Press Documentation).
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Galerie Borzo was founded in 1824 by Joseph Borzo, a prints dealer from Buzano (Italy) and his wife Anna Maria Sala, born in Leiden. When he passed away in 1839 the company was continued as Wed.J.Borzo & Zonen, by Mrs. Sala and their sons Harrie and Carolus. They specialized in procuding mirrors, frames and interior carpentry and received several awards and made royal warrent holder. The company switched owners a few times and was eventually sold on 7 March 1924 to Jan J. van Rosmalen, who continued the business with his wife. When their sons Jan, Klaas and Wim stepped in to help, the focus shifted to art dealing. The name was adjusted accordingly to Kunsthandel Borzo. In 1951 the building on Verwerstraat 19 was bought and Verwerstraat 17 as well in 1954. In 1967 number 17, 19 and 21 were merged into one big gallery. Several Italian elements were kept in memory of the founder. The current owner, Paul van Rosmalen, took over the business from his father Jan van Rosmalen in 1987 (Collection of Press Documentation).
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1824 - 2016
start date 1824 (, June 2016); active until present day (June 2016)
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  • Den Bosch 1824 - 2004
    Verwersstraat 21; see label
  • Amsterdam 2005 - 2016
    In 2005 galerie Borzo moved to Keizersgracht 516 in Amsterdam. Before galerie Collection d'Art van Cora de Vries was situated here (Collection Press Documentation RKD). The interior was designed by architect Wiel Arets (Kunstbeeld 10 (2006), p. 35-36)
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Hague School, Barbizon School, Impressionism, Bergen School, Amsterdam School, Zero Group, De Stijl
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