Pierre Rémy

male / French
painter, merchant-expert, auctioneer
also see in RKDlibrary on Rémy as an auctionneer
c. 1715-1716
Paris 1797-11-19
29 Frimaire an VI in the revolutionnary calender (Michel 2007, p. 78)
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son of the painter Louis Rémy
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The Marquis de Voyer was one of his clients (Michel 2007, p. 75); Rémy collaborated a.o. with Helle (Michel 2007, p. 166).
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  • Parijs 1737 - 1797
    He started negotiating in prints and paintings in 1737. Initially he had a shop in the rue Poupée; in 1773 he bought the property rue des Grands-Augustins no. 11. His heyday were the 1760s and 1770s: at the time of his death little of his fortune was left due to the uncertainty of the times and the onset of the French revolution.
  • Zuidelijke Nederlanden (historische regio) 1757
    Before 1757 he travelled several times together with Pierre-Charles-Alexandre Helle to the Northern and Southern Netherlands (Michel 2007, p. 166)
  • Noordelijke Nederlanden (historische regio) 1757 - 1762
    In 1762 he travelled together with Pierre-Charles-Alexandre Helle to the Northern Netherlands with the purpose of buying art. It was also the pracrice that works of art were sent to him from Holland (Michel 2007, p. 135).
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