František Berka von Dubá (Count)

male / Bohemian
collector, collector of Dutch and Flemish painting, patron
Franz Anton Berka von Dubá was secret counsel and chamberlain of Emperor Leopold I; in 1945 the family collection was donated to the National Gallery in Prague (Seifertová 2002, p. 8); Franz Anton Berka von Duba invested a large amount to built the St. Lawrence Church in Jablonné v Podjestedi in 1699. The collection of Franz Anton Berka von Duba contained mostly historical paintings and portraits but also landscapes and still lifes, especially by Flemish artists from Antwerp (Seifertova 2002, p. 7-8).
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half brother of Anton Johann Nostitz (1652-1736);
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Franz Aton von Berka bought paintings from Forchondt
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Active in
  • Praag
  • Italië
    on The Grand Tour and probably other European countries (Slavicek 1996, p. 78)
  • Den Haag
    probably worked as a emperor's ambassador (Slavicek 1996, p. 78)
  • Stockholm
    Imperial ambassador before 1685
  • Venetië 1699
    appointed as Imperial ambassador to Venice
active in
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