Andreas Joseph Chandelle

male / German
painter, pastelist, copyist, art dealer (person)
Andreas Joseph Chandelle was a well-known art collector and art connoisseur in Frankfurt am Main. In 1789, Friedrich Karl Gottlob Hirsching referred to Chandelle's collection in the third volume of his 'Nachrichten von mirhenswerten Malerei- und Kupferstichsammlungen'. He had a collection of 296 paintings, among them works by Titian, Luca, Giordano and Lebrun as well as 112 pastels of his own hand, among them portraits/heads, history, landscape, animal, flower, fruit and kitchen still life subjects, and a number of engravings and drawings. His wife sold his collection gradually after his death in 1820. She died in 1882. Gwinner mentions numerous copies after Netherlandish masters, among them a pastel copy after an Abraham Mignon still-life. The 112 pastel copies were auctioned in June 1843 (Verzeichnis einer vorzüglichen Sammlung von Oel- und Pastellgemälden welche nebst mehreren Kunstgegenständen, Kupferstichen und Zeichnungen … (handschriftlich ergänzt: »und Zeichnungen Nachlaß Chandelle, 1843« Local Junghofstrasse Wohnung des Dr. Wiesen. Archiv Städel Museum).
Frankfurt am Main 1743-08-06
Frankfurt am Main 1820-03-01
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Son of the wealthy wine merchant Nikolaus Chandelle and Anna Gertrude born in Cheratte in Belgium, daughter of Frankfurt-based sculptor Cornelis Andreas Donett (1683-1748). His grandfather was the sculptor Cornelius Andreas Donett. His brother became bishop of Speyer. The younger brother of Andreas Joseph Chandelle was Georg Heinrich Chandelle and worked as a sculptor. He married Anna Rosina Wiesen (1752-1832), daughter of the wine merchant Johann Christof Wiesen. The couple had 8 children, of which the daughter Maria Dorothea Walpurgis (1784-1866) also worked as a pastellist.
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  • Mainz 1760
    He completed his study philopsophy at the Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz.
  • Frankfurt am Main 1762 - 1820
    In 1808, Chandelle became a member of the newly founded Museumsgesellschaft Frankfurt as a visual artist. In 1809, Grand Duke Carl Theodor von Dalberg commissioned him, together with the painter Johann Georg Schütz (1755-1813), to estimate the paintings from the secularized Frankfurt Dominican Church.
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