Hotei Japanese Prints (Galerie)

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The gallery was founded by Chris Uhlenbeck and specializes in Japanese art. For the first six years of its existence, he operated from home. By 1995 Hotei Publishing was founded, and today, as part of Brill Publishers, it is still of great importance in the world of Japanese art publishing. In 2005, a large space opened up in the Sieboldhuis in Leiden, where part of Philipp Franz von Siebold's collection is on display (, April 2016).
Biographical information
Period of activity
1982 - 2016
start date, see, April 2016; active until present day (April 2016)
Active in
  • Leiden 2005 - 2016
    Sieboldhuis, Rapenburg 19 (, April 2016)
active in
Creation date: 2016-04-11; Last modified date: 2016-06-14


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