Matthias Dögen

male / German
architect, diplomat, engineer, art agent
acqainted with shipbuilding and fortifications; was an agent for the Great Elector; delivered paintings by J. Wtewael and (H.C.?) Vroom to the Great Elector (Gerson 1942/1983, p. 233)
Drawsko Pomorskie 1605-02-24/1606-02-23
Köntopf b. Dramburg/Pommern
Berlin 1672-02-23/1672-02-24
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In this field, you will find references to names of groups or to the artists that made/make up groups. You may also come across references to other artists if there was/is question of collaboration without a joint name. This is the case, for instance, with artists who rendered parts of works by other artists (such as with P.P Rubens and J. Brueghel I).
Biographical information
Active in
  • Leiden
    studied in Leiden
  • Amsterdam 1647
    first appointed at the Amsterdam Admirality; then in the Netherlands in the service of the Brandenburg Elector
  • Berlijn
    in the 1660s
  • Kleef 1661
  • Amsterdam 1661
    went from Cleves to Amsterdam in 1661
  • Berlijn 1672
active in
died in
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