Hedwig Eleonora (Queen of Sweden)

female / Danish, Swedish
art collector, patron
Queen of Sweden (1654-1660), regent during the minority of her son (1660-1672) and during the minority of her grandson Karl XII (1697); she also represented Karl XII during his absence in the Great Northern War from 1700 until the regency of her granddaughter Ulrika Eleonora in 1713.
Danish, Swedish
Gottorf 1636-10-23
Schloss Gottorf, Schleswig, Denmark
Stockholm 1715-11-24
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She was the sixth child of Frederick III, Duke of Holstein-Gottorp (1597-1659) and Marie Elisabeth of Saxony (1610-1684), married 1654 with Karl X Gustav King of Sweden (1622-1660) and was the mother of Karl XI of Sweden (1655-1697).
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