Maria van Hongarije

queen, collector, patron
Spanish, South Netherlandish
Brussels 1505-09-15
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Daughter of Philip the Fair, Duke of Burgundy and Johanna of Castile, sister of Emperor Charles V and the duchesses Eleonora and Isabella; she was brought up by her aunt, Margaret of Austria; married on 22 July 1515 in the Viennese Stephansdom with Louis Jagiello II, king of Hungary and Bohemia (1506-1526); the marriage was properly consumated in 1522; no issue
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Biographical information
Active in
  • Mechelen 1505 - 1515
  • Innsbruck 1515
    after her marriage she was raised in Innbruck
  • Linz (Oostenrijk) 1515
    By way of Linz and Vienna, she was brought to Budapest to consume her marriage with Louis II.
  • Wenen
  • Boedapest 1515 - 1530
    During her marriage she lived in Budapest; after her husbands dearh in battle (29 August 1526), she became Queeun-Regent of Humngary, for her brother Ferdinand, the new king.
  • Brussel 1530 - 1556
    After the death of her aunt Margaret, she became Queen-Regent of the Southern Netherlands for her brother Charles; her court in Brussels became an international artistic centre. After the abdication of Charles V, she too lay down her official functions. After the arrival of her successor, Emanuel Philibert of Savoy, she went with her brother Charles and sister Eleonora from Flushing to Spain
  • Vlissingen 1556
  • Madrid (Spanje) 1556 - 1558
  • Simancas 1558
    After the deaths of her brother Charles and sister Eleonora, she retired to a monastery near Simancas, where she died on October 18 of that year. Philip II had her enterred in the Escorial near Madrid.
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