Jacobus van den Cruys (II)

South Netherlandish
Family relationships
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son of Jan van den Cruys and his second wife Adriana Heymans; brother of Jan Carel I, half-brother of Jan Anthoni van den Cruys
Biographical information
Active in
  • Antwerpen 1672-09-18 - 1695-05-16
    apprentice in the Guild of St. Luke, Antwerp between 18 September 1672 and 18 September 1673; when he became a master is not recorded (Rombouts/Van Lerius 1872/1961) // April 5, 1688 (short) inventory of Jan van de Cruys, sculptor, and his wife Adriana Heymans. From mid-March 1688 they live with their sons Jan Karel and Jacobus van den Cruijs for an annual payment of two hundred guilders. The children have to deliver food, drink, lodging and clothes to their parents.on 16 May 1695 Jacobus van de Cruys and Balthasar Boel testified in favor of the daughter of Franchois Casteels (van Hemeldonck 2007)
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