Walter Leistikow

male / German, Russian
German, Russian
Bydgoszcz 1865-10-25
Bromberg in 1865
Berlin-Schlachtensee 1908-07-24
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Son of the apothecary Carl Leistikow and his wife Bertha; he married Anna Mohr in 1894
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  • Bydgoszcz 1872 - 1883
    School and private lessons from painter Alexander Flotow
  • Berlijn 1883 - 1908
    Starts at the Royal Academy, but is removed the same year for lack of talent; lessons from the landscapist and marine painter Hermann Eschke and 1885-87 from the Norwegian landscapist Hans Gude; 1890 1890-93 teacher at the KSch Berlin; Beginning of a lifelong friendship with Lovis Corinth, who was to become his biographer. Leistikow operates in the Friedrichshagen district of the young literairy avant-garde around Gerhart Hauptmann, with whom he remains close friends for life; founding member 1892 of the artists group 'Elf'; 1894 marriage to the Danish Anna Mohr; 1898 founding member of the Berliner sezession; 1907 profesor at the Royal Academy; Stayed in the sanatorium Hubertus in Schlachtensee, there suicide by shooting.
  • 1887 - 1888
    Fulfils his militairy service
  • Parijs 1893
    study trip
  • Scandinavië 1894
    study trip; They spent the summers of 1895-1906 mostly in Scandinavia (painting stays in Denmark, Visby, Gotland, Stockholm and Norway).
  • Florence 1900
    Trip to Italy, visit to Arnold Böcklin in Fiesole
  • Weimar (Thüringen) 1903
    founding member of the Deutsche Künstlerbund in Weimar; diagnosed with syphilis.
  • Merano 1904
    Sanatorium stay in Meran, increasing health problems due to syphilis
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landscape (genre), river landscape
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