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Ferdinando Carlo Gonzaga (hertog van Mantua en Montferrat)

male / Italian
Revere (Mantua) 1652-08-31
Padua 1708-07-05
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son of Charles II, Duke of Mantua and Montferrat and Isabella Clara of Austria (1629-1665), a daughter of Leopold V of Habsburg, Archduke of Austria. He married 1) in 1671 to Anna Isabella Gonzaga (died 11 August 1703), daughter of Ferrante III Gonzaga, sovereign Duke of Guastalla and 2) Suzanne Henriette of Lorraine d'Elbeuf; no issue.
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golden chain with portrait of the prince in a self-portrait of Pietro Bellotti (RKDimages 292926)
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  • Mantua (plaats) 1665
    In 1665 he recievd the investiture of the Duchy of Mantua. Through his first marriage he acquired the Duchies of Guastalla and Luzzara. Although he was an intelligent man who firmly settled the corrupted finances of the duchies and was a lover of the arts and music, his reign did not become a success in the end. His greatest mistake was going over to the French side in 1679, by selling Casale to Louis XIV, who wanted to expand his hold over Northern Italy: he concluded a new pact with the French in 1681, obtaining thereby a yearly pension of sixty thousand lire, a career as an army general, and a part in any future French conquests in Italy. The French occupied Casale on 29 September 1681 and the Duke of Mantua lost respect in Italy. With all this money he supported his two overriding hobbies: doing charitable work and women. In the end he payed dearly for his French choice, when Prince Eugene chased the French back to France in 1706: Mantua was taken by the Austrian Emperor, while the house of Savoy in Turin helped itself to the remaining part of the duchy of Monferrat. Feridnando Carlo died the same year in Padua.
  • Padua 1708
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