Pieter Franciscus Peters (I)

male / Dutch
painters, carriage painter, painter, draftsman, watercolorist, glass painter
was aanvankelijk rijtuig- en huisschilder alvorens hij zich aan de glasschilderkunst wijdde (Scheen 1981)
Nijmegen 1787-11-27
Peters was baptised on 1787-11-27. Source: Netherlands, Gelderland Province, Church Records, 1405-1966, Rooms Katholiek, Nijmegen, image 457 of 568 (database with images, FamilySearch), Rijksarchief de Gelderland, Arnhem (Gelders Archive, Arnhem).
Nijmegen 1867-01-09/1867-05-03
Peter disappeared from his house in Nijmegen in the night from 1867-01-09. He was found drowed on the border of the river Waal near the village Druten on 1867-05-03. Source: Netherlands, Gelderland Province Civil Registration, 1800-1952, Nijmegen, image 281 of 723 (database with images, FamilySearch), Rijksarchief de Gelderland, Arnhem (Gelders Archive, Arnhem).
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vader van P.F. Peters jr
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1802 - 1867
ca. 1802-1867
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cityscape, topography
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