Christian Georg Schütz (II)

male / German
Flörsheim am Main 1758-09-03
Frankfurt am Main (city) 1823-04-10
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Schütz was one of nine children of farmerand wine-grower Johann Peter Schütz (1718-1770) and Maria Barbara née Simon (* 1719). The father was a cousin of Christian Georg Schütz I, where he went as a pupil, when he became an orphan at 12, and where he stayed all his life. After a resolved engagement with a talented pupil, he remained unmarried.
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Many of his watercolor and sepia drawings were engraved and reproduced by Johann Gottlieb Prestel and others.
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Active in
  • Frankfurt am Main (stad) 1770 - 1823
    Frankfurt became his home base, when he went to live with his uncle and his family. Despite the recognition of his talent, he was never able to build on the commercial success of this uncle. He never became a legal citizen of the city of Frankfurt, but lived and worked for more than 50 years as a tolerated alien ("Permissist") in his uncle's household and that of his widow. He worked in the workshop of the painter's family, which was led by his son Johann Georg after the death of the older Schutz. Despite diligence and talent, Christian Georg ultimately never succeeded in the artistic breakthrough.Since 1804 he created templates for graphic sequences and illustrated travel descriptions, among others for the publishers Friedrich Wilmans and Johann Isaac von Gerning. In 1808, with the founding of the "Museumsgesellschaft" (not the Städel) in Frankfurt, Schutz led classes for painting and fine arts. In 1809, Karl Theodor von Dalberg gave him the administration and restoration of the mediaeval paintings from secularized churches of the city. The accusation that Schutz embezzeled seven panels by Hans Holbein (I) (Parts of high altars from the Dominican church in Frankfurt) since 1866 in Städelsch Kunstinstut in Frankfurt) and sold them, could never be finally clarified. There are hardly any details on the painter's last years of life.
  • Rijn (rivier) 1779
    In 1779 he and his uncle )and teacher' began a first study trip to the Rhine, where they attended the art collections in Cologne and Düsseldorf, and where Vhristian Georg made first drawings after nature. From this date till 1810 we are fairly well instructed over his life through his autobiography (Honnef/Weschenfelder/Haberland 1992)
  • Taunus (gebergte) 1788
  • Rijn (rivier) 1788
  • Lahnstein (Rhein-Lahn) 1788
  • Moezel (rivier) 1788
  • Elzas (streek) 1789
  • Zwitserland 1789 - 1790
    Honnef/Weschenfelder/Haberland 1992
  • Neuchâtel (plaats) 1789
  • Fribourg (stad, Zwitserland) 1789
  • Lago Maggiore 1790
  • Harz (distr.)
    Honnef/Weschenfelder/Haberland 1992
  • Saksen (deelstaat)
    Honnef/Weschenfelder/Haberland 1992
  • Holstein
    Honnef/Weschenfelder/Haberland 1992
  • Göttingen (Hessen) 1794
  • Kassel (stad) 1794
  • Noord-Duitsland (landstreek) 1799
    1799, a "Count von Westphalen" invited him to a trip lasting several months through central and northern Germany
  • 1800
    A trip to cities in Thuringia, where he visited Meiningen, Eisenach, Gotha and Weimar where he met„vortrefflichen und gelehrten Männern“ (excellent and learned men): did he meet Goethe?
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