Jan van Balen

painter, draftsman
South Netherlandish
Antwerp 1611/1611-07-21
was baptized on 21 July 1611 in St. Jacob by Sr. Jan Coomans / Coymans (art lover and trader, master in the guild 1607-'08) and Magdalena van Passel
Antwerp 1654-03-14
buried in the St. Jacob's church
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Son of Hendrik van Balen I and Margriet Briers, brother of Henry II, brother-in-law of Theodoor van Thulden. Van Thulden, together with Jan, was the guardian of the minor children, when Margriet Briers died in 1638. On 8 May 1642 the marriage contract was concluded between him and Johanna van Weerden, a well-to-do Antwerp. He was assisted as witnesses by Theodoor van Thulden, Jan van Ceulen (almoner in Antwerp) and Jan Wildens. The church wedding was performed on 31 May 1642 in St. George's Church (Van Lerius 1880-1881 p. 343). They had a son, Peeter (28-3-1643): Johanna died there on 6 April 1643. In 1654 Peters uncles Augustinus Nys and Theodoor van Thulden became his guardians.
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Active in
  • Italië
  • Antwerpen 1635 - 1639
    in 1635 he worked with his brother Caspar, Theodoor van Thulden, Jan de Labare and Erasmus Quellinus on the gallery on the Meir and triumphal arch of the St. John's Church, Pompa Introitus (Van Lerius 1880-1881, pp. 347-348); In 1639 he settled the estate of his mother. In 1641, Jan Brueghel (II) and David Teniers (II), as guardians of Ambrosius and Clara-Eugenia Brueghel (minor children of Jan Brueghel (I) and Catharina van Marienburg), transfer half of an interest to Jan van Balen and Theodoor van Thulden (Van Lerius 1880-1881, pp. 340-341)
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history (as a genre), portrait
oil paint
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