Evaristo Baschenis

male / Italian
painter, priest
Baschenis was ordained on September 9, 1643 (Milesi/Donizetti 1993, p. 33) or in 1647 (Bénézit 2006)
Bergamo 1617-12-04/1617-12-07
1617-12-04 (Thieme/Becker 1998); 1617-12-07 (Saur 1993 & Milesi/Donizetti 1993)
Bergamo 1677-03-16
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son of Pietro Baschenis (1580/95-1630) and Maddalena Francesca Volpi; great-grandson of Simone Baschenis II (ca. 1490-1555);
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Biographical information
Active in
  • Bergamo 1632 - 1677
    c. 1632 -1677 (Saur 1993)
  • Brescia
    It may be that he was an apprentice of Salmeggia, Cavagna and/or Zuccho.
  • Venetië 1647
    a painting, signed and dated in Venice, is known (Saur 1993)
born in
active in
died in
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still life, vanitas (still life), fish piece, kitchen piece (still life), game piece (still life), fruit piece, flower piece, battle, portrait
Baschenis specialized in still lifes with musical instruments (it may be that he was friends with Nicola Amati and Stradivarius who lived in Cremona)
oil paint
Evaristo Baschenis was a friend of painter Jacques Courtois (' Il Borgognone'), to whom he wrote letters between 1662 and 1667 (Saur 1993).
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