Jan Hendrik Brandon

painter, draftsman, author
Auteur van: Abregé d' anatomie, Universiteitsbibliotheek Göttingen, signatuur: Hist.Nat. 15
North Netherlandish
Sedan (Ardennes) 1650/1670
ca. 1660
Utrecht (city) 1714-01-14/1714-01-24
buried on 24 January 1714
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Brother of the painter Bartholomeus Brandon; married to 1) Judith servaes in The Hague in 1688 and 2) Elisabeth Craan from Utrecht in The Hague 1706
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Tekenacademie (Den Haag 1682-)
under Theodoor van der Schuer, in 1693-1695; was assistant-govenor in 1697-1698, govenor in 1699/1700 and 1701/1702
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a series of 97 drawings of flowers in Florence, Biblioteca Nazionale, was wrongly attributed to him in the past, three by the hand of his brother, the other by Stephanus Cousijns.
oil paint
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