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Christiaen van Couwenbergh

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North Netherlandish
Delft (city) 1604-09-08
Houbraken 1718, Saur 1999. In Thieme/Becker 1913 erroneously as 8 July 1604.
Keulen (city) 1667-07-04
Houbraken 1718
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son of Gillis Gillisz. van Couwenbergh (1572-1633), silver-smith, engraver and art-dealer from Mechelen and Adriana Wouters Vosmaer; grandson of Wouter Vosmaer, who was a silver and goldsmith. Jacob Vosmaer (c. 1584-1641) was his uncle (Maier-Preusker 1991, p. 165). Married in Delft, 6 July 1630 Elisabeth van der Dussen
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  • Delft (stad) 1621
    was here a pupil of Johan van Nes. According to Houbraken he then went to Italy, which is considered unlikely by Maier-Preusker (in Saur 1999).
  • Utrecht (stad) 1622 - 1624
    possibly stayed in Utrecht in the circle of van Dirck van Baburen and Gerard van Honthorst (Saur 1999)
  • Delft (stad) 1627 - 1647
    He was accepted as a Master on 25 October 1627 in the Guild of Saint Luke in Delft; in 1643 and 1645 he produced two cartoons for tapestries and a painting for the Guild Hall of the Cloth-dealers in Delft (Saur 1999).
  • Honselersdijk 1638
    In 1638 Van Couwenbergh was paid for a painting and a painted frieze with attributes for the hunt for the Palace in Honselaarsdijk (Saur 1999)
  • Rijswijk (plaats, Zuid-Holland) 1642 - 1643
    Van Couwenbergh received payment in 1642 and 1643 for paintings in Huis ter Nieuburg (Rijswijk) (Saur 1999)
  • Den Haag (stad) 1647 - 1653
    Van Couwenbergh was mentioned fort he first time in The Hague in 1646, where he became a member of Saint Luke’s Guild in 1647 and subsequently dean of the Guild (Saur 1999). In 1647 he painted for the Old Court (het Oude Hof = Paleis Noordeinde) (not mentioned by Saur 1999), while he collaborated between 1648 and 1651 in the decoration of the main reception hall (=Oranjezaal) of Huis ten Bosch.
  • Keulen (stad) 1656 - 1667
    He was still in The Hague on 16 January 1656, on which date the city burgomasters, elders and council gave him a certificate of good conduct (Maier-Preusker 1991, p. 172-174, 210, 233, note 40-42).
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Tommaso Borgogelli 23 August 2022
I am pleased to report the recent publication of my contribution about the painter's early phase: T. Borgogelli, Il presunto "Ritratto di Masaniello" della Certosa di San Martino di Napoli e il "Master B" di Benedict Nicolson: aperture per il primo tempo di Christiaen van Couwenbergh fra Baburen e Ter Brugghen, in "Parma per l'arte", 2021, pp. 165-197.

The paper is available online at the following link:

Best regards,
Tommaso Borgogelli
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