Joos van Craesbeeck

painter, draftsman
De Clippel 2006, vol.1, p. 6-7: baker
South Netherlandish
Neerlinter (Linter) 1605/1606
Brussels was his birthplace until 1869 in literature. Th van Lerius, however, published his true birthplace in 1869 (De Clippel 2006, vol.2, p. 3 note 6); 1605 or 1606 (De Clippel 2006, vol.1, p. 4)
Brussels 1660/1661
tussen 1660 en 1661. De Clippel 2006, dl.1, p. 27: de inschrijving in het gilde van Brussel van een zekere Lucas Viters als leerling is het laatste gedocumenteerde levensteken van de schilder. Stylistisch is echter zeer plausibel dat van Craesbeeck nog voor 1660 in leven was, terwijl De Bie in zijn 'Gulden Cabinet' in 1661 over Van Craesbeeck spreekt als zijnde overleden: zijn sterfdatum moet dus 1660-1661 zijn (De Clippel 2006, dl.1, p. 27)
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Son of Joos Sr. (died 1613, baker in Neerlinter) and his second wife Gertruid van Callenborch (De Clippel 2006, vol.1 p. 4); 1631 married to Johanna Tielens: the landscape painter Jan Tielens was her uncle, while two of her maternal uncles were sculptors: Melchior and Caspar Grison.
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  • Neerlinter (Linter) 1605
  • Antwerpen 1630 - 1637
    Van Craesbeeck signed a marriage contract with Johanna Tielens on 15 October 1630 in Antwerp (De Clippel 2006, vol.1, p. 5); in 1633-1634 master painter in the guild (Rombouts/Van Lerius 1872/1961)
  • Brussel 1651
    De Clippel 2006, vol.1, p. 23: registration in the Brussels guild on 5 March 1651; Duverger 1992, p. 229: 'Bruessel, plaetse synder residentie'[Brussels is the city where he lives]. Where Van Craesbeek was between 1637 and 1651 cannot be said with certainty. De Clippel makes it plausible that Van Craesbeeck's relocation was related to that of David Teniers II on 7 September 1650 to Brussels: Teniers appears to have been of paramount importance to van Craesbeeck and the appreciation of genre art in Brussels (De Clippel 2006, Vol.1) , p. 26-27)
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genre, history (as a genre), portrait, peasant genre
oil paint
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