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Jan Davidsz. de Heem

painter, draftsman
Only one drawing can be attributed to him convincingly.
Utrecht (city) 1606-04-15/1606-04-25
The artist would be 19 years old at Easter 1625. Easter Sunday in that year in Utrecht (Julian calendar) was on 17 April, in 1606 it was on 20 April. The latter date is therefore his date of birth when he was actually born on Easter Sunday. With a broader interpretation of 'with Easter' the birth date falls in any case within the dates indicated above.
Antwerp 1684-02/1684-02-09
He was buried in the church of the Dominicans (St. Paul's Church) in Antwerp on 10th February 1684, as 'N de Heim' (F.G. Meijer, October 2015); his death duties to the Guild were payed between 18 September 1683-18 September 1684 (Rombouts/Van Lerius 1872/1961, vol. 2, p. 501).
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son of the musician David van Antwerpen (David Heem) who has been mistaken for a painter (Bok 1990); widower of Aletta van Weede (+ 29 March 1643), with whom he had three children (living in 1643): the later still-life painter Cornelis (13), Torentiana (8) and Thomas Maria (5); married for the second time (6 March 1644) with Anna Catharina Ruckers (* 15 -?- 1615, died 1684 or later) (daughter of the harpsichord builder Andries Ruckers I) with whom he got 6 children.
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Biographical information
Period of activity
1625 - 1684
dated works from 1625 until 1655 and from 1675
Active in
  • Utrecht (stad)
  • Leiden 1625 - 1631
    in 1625 he moved to Leiden, where he married in 1626. He came into contact with Pieter Potter and is last mentioned in Leiden in September 1631.
  • Antwerpen 1636 - 1663
    presumably already in Antwerp in 1636; in March 1636, he became a member of the Saint Luke Guild. Probably commuting between Utrecht and Antwerp since the beginning of the 1660s; he payed as a "buytenpoorter" ('citizen living outside Antwerp') from December 1658 to December 1663, with the exception of 1662, for which year no receipt is found (Rombouts/Van Lerius 1872/1961, vol. 2, p. 71, note 3)
  • Utrecht (stad) 1658 - 1672
    Probably commuting between Utrecht and Antwerp since the beginning of the 1660s; in January 1665 in Utrecht, in June 1667 in Utrecht, in 1669 member of the guild (Thieme/Becker 1923).
  • Antwerpen 1672 - 1684
    in 1672 back in Antwerp until his death
born in
active in
died in
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still life, flower piece, forest still life, farm still life, vanitas (still life), fruit piece, still life
oil paint
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