Simon Henrixz

painter, copyist
Moes 1897 records some copies after 16th c. examples (o.a. nos. 6824-2, 6827, 8103). Also RKD, index cards C. Hofstede de Groot
North Netherlandish
Amersfoort (place) 1580/1600
before 1600
Amersfoort (place) 1630-03/1630-03-12
'buried on March 12 in the Middelkerk of Amersfoort Mr. Sijmon' : this was presumably Simon Henrixz (M.J. Bok in: Blankert/Slatkes 1986, p. 273)
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Married in Amersfoort on 7 May 1616 Heyltie Hendricksdr., father of Debora (baptized 15 November 1617, Hillebernt (1620), NN (1622), Anna (1624) and Judith (1629) (M.J. Bok in: Blankert/Slatkes 1986)
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Biographical information
Active in
  • Amersfoort (plaats) 1616 - 1624
    1616 marriage in Amersfoort, where four children were baptized in the Gereformeerde kerk; in 1624 he produced the painting 'The Death of Ananias' for St. Peter's and Blockland's Hospital (RKDimages no. 1260)
  • Naarden 1619
    painted 'The Justice of Count William the Good' for the town hall there in 1619, commissioned by the Naarden City Council. This may have caused him to spend some time in Naarden (cf. Images no. 1259)
  • Dordrecht (stad) 1624
    was commissioned by the lawyer Gerrit Pietersz Schaep, then residing in Dordrecht, to make six copies after family portraits (Blankert/Slatkes 1986; Middelkoop et al. 2002); he then enrolled for six months (from April 16 to September 20) as a temporary member of Saint Luke's Guild in Dordrecht (M.J. Bok in: Blankert/Slatkes 1986)
  • Amersfoort (plaats) 1624 - 1630
    late 1624 back in Amersfoort where his daughter Anna was baptized on December 22 of that year. In 1625 he gave up painting and became an innkeeper, renting the city inn De Doelen, located next to the St. Pietersgasthuis. In 1627 he was listed (as Sijmon Hendricksz) in the name book of the St. Luke's fraternity. He was not very successful as an innkeeper because in August 1627, overburdened by debts, he was imprisoned for misconduct towards his wife and his staff. After promising improvement, he left prison. In August 1629, Amersfoort was occupied by Spanish troops and soldiers were quartered in the town inn. Two weeks later they left again, leaving behind unpaid bills and a destroyed interior. In October, he asked the magistrate for compensation for damages suffered worth 455 guilders. The inn was leased to a new landlord at the end of October. In 1630 the St. Luke fraternity was recognized as a guild and the name Symon Hendricss, painter appears in the address book (M.J. Bok in: Blankert/Slatkes 1986)
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allegory, mythology, Christian religious scene, portrait
oil paint
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