Gerard van Kuijl

North Netherlandish
Gorinchem 1604-01-30
born on January 30, 1604 (Sluijter 1977, p. 167) (Thieme/Becker 1927: Gysbrecht van Kuyll, Gouda 1604)
Gorinchem 1673-03/1673-03-06
He died on or shortly before March 6, 1673; on March 6, 1673, the plague house received the usual tokens for the delivery of a coffin (Sluijter 1977, p. 168, note 9). Thieme/Becker 1927: Gysbrecht van Kuyll, Gouda 1673 (following Houbraken)
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son of Frank van Kuijll and Johanna van Blockland; married c. 1632 to Margaretha Dierout
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Period of activity
1625 - 1665
student since c. 1625, he died in 1673; only a few dated works known from 1638, 1647, 1651, 1659, 1662 and 1665. Two works, dated resp. 1667 and 1668, are no longer attributed to him (Sluijter 1977, no. D 8 and D 4)
Active in
  • Utrecht 1625
    He and his fellow student Alexander van Wevelinckhoven signed the will of Gerard van Honthorst's wife as witnesses; they were students of Gerard van Honthorst at the time. According to Houbraken he travelled with Aart Verhaast by way of France to Rome.
  • Rome 1629 - 1631
    possibly before 1629 in Rome, since he made his will in 1627, possibly in preparation for his trip to Italy (Sluijter 1977, p. 168); member of the Roman 'Schildersbent'; lived in the house of Jean Ducamps (= Giovanni di Filippo del Campo) on Via Margutta; still present in Rome in July 1631(Tissink/De Wit p. 26); according to Thieme/Becker 1927 (following Houbraken) he stayed for 20 years (1629-1649) and was cited in police records in 1631 and 1636 (as a witness).
  • Gorinchem 1632 - 1641
    became a member of the 'Broederschap der Romeinen binnen Gorinchem' ['Fraternity of People who had been to Rome, within the city of Gorinchem']
  • Utrecht 1641 - 1648
    lived in the Zuilenstraat in Utrecht in 1641
  • Gorinchem 1648 - 1673
    From 1648 onnwards he is regularly mentioned in documents from Gorinchem.
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