Wilhelm Leibl

male / German
painter, draftsperson
Keulen 1844-10-23
Würzburg 1900-12-04
Family relationships
this field records any family relationship to one or more other artist(s).
son of the musical director of Cologne cathedral
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In this field, you will find references to names of groups or to the artists that made/make up groups. You may also come across references to other artists if there was/is question of collaboration without a joint name. This is the case, for instance, with artists who rendered parts of works by other artists (such as with P.P Rubens and J. Brueghel I).
Had a joint studio with Hirth, Alt and Sperl in the Arcisstrasse in Munich. With Schuch, Trübner and Schider he formed after 1870 in Munich the 'Leibl-Kreis'.
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Biographical information
Königliche Akademie der Bildenden Kunste (München)
under professors Alexander Straehuber and Hermann Anschütz
Active in
  • Keulen 1860 - 1864
    started his artistic carreer as pupil of Hermann Becker
  • München 1864 - 1869
    pupil at the Royal Academy; a joint studio with colleagues since 1866; met with Gustave Courbet in Munich after the 1st International Exhibition in the Glass-Palast, who stimulated him to come to Paris
  • Parijs 1869 - 1870
    on the advise of Courbet
  • München 1870 - 1873
    After 1870 the artistic climate in Munich started to bother him so much, that he retired after 1873 more and more to the country .
  • Graßlfing 1873 - 1874
  • Unterschondorf 1875
  • Berbling 1878 - 1880
  • Bad Aibling 1878 - 1881
  • Keulen 1887 - 1888
  • Kutterling 1892
  • Amsterdam (stad) 1898
    visited the Rembrandt exhibition, after 8 September (Stückelberger 1996, p. 54)
  • Haarlem (stad) 1898-09-14
    visited the Frans Hals Museum (visitors book, Häder 1999, p. 266)
  • Zandvoort (plaats) 1898-09
born in
active in
died in
This field specifies the various subject categories or genres that constitute the oeuvre of the artist in question. The contents of this field are generally based more on the documentation available at the RKD than on the literature.
genre, portrait
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